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Chandler Reynard

DAWGS 2019 Headshots 9275 web
(BRENT CALVER/Western Wheel)

Position: Outfielder

Nickname: My mom calls me Chan-man

School: Ottawa University of Arizona

Pre-game routine: Sing in my car on the way to the game

Pre-game meal: Peanut butter and honey

Baseball superstition: Don’t step on the line

Biggest mentor and why: Kobe Bryant, because he’s the Mamba

Best advice you’ve ever received: Treat everyone with respect

Favourite baseballism: I don’t have one

Fondest baseball memory: JUCO World Series

Most embarrassing baseball moment: I don’t really get embarrassed

Baseball idol: Mickey Mantle

Walk-up song: Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye

Hometown: Chandler, Arizona

First impression of Okotoks: Everyone was very welcoming

Favourite part of being a Dawg: Spread

2019 stats in WCBL