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Andrew Yates

DAWGS 2019 Headshots 9304 web
(BRENT CALVER/Western Wheel)

Position: Left-handed pitcher

Nickname: None/Yates

School: Indiana University

Pre-game routine: Hacky sack

Pre-game meal: Whatever is on the spread, with an Iced Capp

Baseball superstition: Mustache March

Biggest mentor and why: College coach, taught me the value of hard work

Best advice you’ve ever received: There’s only two things you can control: effort and attitude

Favourite baseballism: Southpaw

Fondest baseball memory: Tossing a 1-run complete game in my first collegiate start

Most embarrassing baseball moment: Sailing the ball past 3rd on a pick-off to ruin a shutout

Baseball idol: Randy Johnson

Walk-up song: Blue Notes – Meek Mill

Hometown: Harrodsburg, Kentucky

First impression of Okotoks: Great town with a passion for baseball

Favourite part of being a Dawg: The 4K plus crowd cheering you on every game

2019 stats in WCBL