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Provincial candidates get the final say

With the April 16 election a week away, the Western Wheel provided Highwood candidates an opportunity for some closing comments. Constituents also have the opportunity to hear the candidates at a forum on April 12 at 7 p.m.
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Highwood MLA candidates (left to right) Dan Irving, Ron Kerr, Erik Overland, and RJ Sigurdson.

With the April 16 election a week away, the Western Wheel provided Highwood candidates an opportunity for some closing comments.

Constituents also have the opportunity to hear the candidates at a forum on April 12 at 7 p.m. at the Piper Arena as part of the Okotoks Chamber of Commerce trade fair.

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Ron Kerr

Alberta Party

Residence: Just north of Okotoks

Occupation: New homes construction

Okotoks issues: “Rural crime is a big one. For Okotoks the town has the RCMP but sometimes they get spread a little thin… As for the pipeline, I am talking with an Okotoks councillor this week. Like anything, you need to talk to everybody, think outside the box, try to innovate rather than try and tell people how things area going to get done.”

The April 4 leaders debate: “I thought there was a lot of arguing and [Alberta Party leader] Stephen Mandel was the voice of reason.”

Closing comments: “Do the research on the parties, then get out on the vote. People are thinking it is only a two-horse race. They actually have a solid alternative with the Alberta Party. Someone who is going to stick up in what they believe in and stick up for business.

“Do the research and go to our website.”

RJ Sigurdson


Residence: Okotoks

Occupation: Project manager with Avalanche Air Systems

Highwood issues: “It (the potential for the water pipeline) is a constituency-based problem that whoever the next MLA is, is going to have to address. It will take strong consultation with the municipality and whoever is going to be the next MLA is going have to advocate for the area and work hard to bring this issue up to Edmonton. All I can say is for the past 11 months I have been communicating with municipalities and trying to get the full depth of this issue. If I do become the next MLA I will be a strong advocate for this region.”

April 4 leaders debate: “I think Kenney came out the clear winner. He stuck to his message. It is definitely what we are hearing at the doors, that people want a government that will adequately deal with getting back jobs, building our economy and getting pipelines built. Kenney was clear on that.”

Closing comments: “I really feel this is going to be one of the most important elections in Alberta history. From being at the doors every day, it’s really important that we move forward with a government that has a plan to build and strengthen Alberta. We have a 172,000 unemployed workers and we need to get our economy on track.”

Erik Overland


Residence: Okotoks

Occupation: Mount Royal University student

Highwood issues: “I have heard people bring up the water pipeline. I just saw there were some meetings between council and our government. Right now it is between the City of Calgary and the Town here who are having talks. I also heard a lot of people talk about Jason Kenney and his trustworthiness. I heard a lot of people talking about the Trans Mountain pipeline and the hard work that we have been doing to ensure that pipeline will be built.”

Alberta Leaders debate: “Albertans got a clear picture of the choice in this election during the debate. Rachel Notley is focused on growing the economy, building the pipeline, and creating jobs without sacrificing health care for families and education for our kids. Meanwhile, Mr. Kenney continued to dodge questions about his intolerant candidates while touting his divisive plan to cut services and sue other Canadians. Rachel Notley is fighting for Albertans and I will be proud to join her on April 16.”

Closing comments: “I think Albertans and people in this riding have a very important choice. They have a choice for a leader, who will fight hard for them and has been fighting hard for them to ensure pipelines are built, a strong, diverse economy and a province that works for everyone or they can choose a leader who is working hard on behalf of the one per cent and while in Ottawa did very little work for Alberta to get a pipeline built. I think that choice is very clear.”

Dan Irving, Alberta Independence Party

Residence: Between Black Diamond and Okotoks

Occupation: Farrier, landscape work

Highwood issues: “I am here to listen to the Highwood voice and whatever is their concern is the concern for us. We will be giving $36-million for the next five years to each riding to help. We are giving it to them for what they think is best for the riding.”

Comments on April 4 debate: “I thought at the end of the day they were very childish. We’re adults you don’t need to be bashing against each other. Realistically everybody had something to bring to the table… I didn’t see one time somebody say I actually agree with that.’ I was at a Grade 6 student class on Friday I thought they were more mature than the party leaders were.”

Closing comments: “It should be riding first, party second. At the end of the day, I am here to listen to my riding and bring my vote on behalf of the people in the riding.”

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