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Parking a concern on Highway 2 medians

Fines and a tow may be the result of illegal parking
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Okotoks RCMP has received a complaint regarding vehicles being parked in the centre median area of Highway 2 at the Bow River as well as animals escaping from the fencing located at the bridges causing a danger to use of the highway.

RCMP would like to remind the public that parking in the centre median of a divided highway is prohibited.

Section 44 of the Use of Highways and Rules of the Road Regulations of the Traffic Safety Act states that:

a person driving a vehicle shall not, unless:

(a) required or permitted by the act, this regulation or by a traffic control device,

(b) in compliance with a direction given by a peace officer, or

(c) to avoid conflict with other traffic, stop or park the vehicle at the following locations:

If a highway is divided into two or more roadways by a boulevard, ditch or other physical barrier, on that portion of the highway that is to the left of the yellow line except in an emergency situation where the vehicle is disabled and it is not practicable to move the vehicle to the far right side of the highway.

Vehicles found parked in this area are subject to the drivers/owners receiving a $78 fine, and/or their vehicle towed at their expense.