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Okotoks Hot Chocolate Festival: 94 Take the Cake brings magic to your lips

94 Take the Cake’s Hot Chocolate Bomb is like watching a magic trick come alive in your cup.
94 Take the Cake is serving up its Hot Chocolate Bombs at the Okotoks Hot Chocolate Festival Feb. 12-22. (Tammy Rollie/Western Wheel)

Western Wheel reporter Tammy Rollie joined KT Event's Katie Fournell in sampling the unique variations of delectable hot chocolate offered by local businesses during the Okotoks Hot Chocolate Festival, which runs Feb. 12 to 22.

Here is what we had to say about 94 Take the Cake's Hot Chocolate Bombs:

Description: You have to do the work to make the magic happen with this drink. After you’re served your cup with white and milk chocolate syrup at the bottom, gently place your bomb in the cup, pour steamed milk on top and watch the magic happen. Your cup will be filled with delicious chocolate and marshmallows in seconds.

Katie: This drink is very rich and worth the experience. It’s a very fun hot chocolate with a little Valentine’s Day surprise.

Tammy: To watch the bomb at work is pretty magical. Every sip is delicious and, to top it off, you’ll find pink and blue hearts at the bottom of your cup.

Cost: $5.95

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Tammy Rollie

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