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Okotoks' Glorond Place glowing a Christmas village

Tight-knit community brightens the holiday spirit with lights

One street in the centre of Okotoks was glowing with neighbourly spirit the week before Christmas. 

As households buckle down for an isolated Christmas, the residents association of Glorond Place, a small community of townhomes tucked away behind downtown, rallied residents to show their festive spirit by hosting  Light Up Night on Dec. 18. 

The event came about when Glorond resident Robin Szuch and her husband Andy Wiebe, who started a Facebook group for the community earlier in the year to keep connected with their neighbours, wanted to instil some holiday spirit on their quiet lane. 

“I was like, ‘Oh, no better time to start a community Facebook page, then when we're all having to stay home,’” Szuch said. 

“He and I were like ‘Let's really encourage people to put up lights.’ and so we started this initiative."

After co-ordinating with members of the community and the association board to make an event of it, they started posting flyers advertising the light up contest. 

“So we started this initiative, and then the board came to us and the finance guy, and said 'I think I've managed to squeeze a little money, we can actually run a contest,'" Szuch said. "It's not big prize money, but it doesn't matter."

The event helped neighbours share the holiday cheer with those who might not be in the best position financially.

“Everybody really jumped on board and there were a few people who are, you know, struggling a little bit more than others,” she said. “And so we got together and if you didn't have lights, and you wanted to have lights, people shared extras that they had.

"We put them out just to get as many people involved as we could and just turn the community into our own little magical lineup.

“The whole it takes a village really is truly happening in our community and it's super great.”


Brent Calver

About the Author: Brent Calver

Award-winning photojournalist for the Okotoks Western Wheel and
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