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Artist captures nature with brush

Inspired by the beauty of the nature surrounding her, a Turner Valley artist has transformed a room in her local library into an idyllic outdoor setting.
Vivian Wiebe
Turner Valley artist Vivian Wiebe is displaying her nature paintings in the Sheep River Library’s art gallery until June 25.

Inspired by the beauty of the nature surrounding her, a Turner Valley artist has transformed a room in her local library into an idyllic outdoor setting. Vivian Wiebe has more than two dozen life-like paintings and pastel works of flora, fauna and landscapes hanging in the Sheep River Library art gallery. The exhibit will remain on display until June 25. “There’s wildlife, floral, animals, birds, prairie landscapes, mountain landscapes – it’s a real variety,” she said. “There’s beautiful skies and clouds over the prairies and mountains. I paint what connects with me.” Wiebe said she began delving into paint in 2004 after being inspired by an artist friend who lives in Calgary. “I never had good art instruction when I was young,” she said. “Raising a family you’re busy with that so after my kids were gone from home I took up painting and it’s just something that I love to do. It energizes my soul.” About 30 of Wiebe’s paintings are on display. “I love painting, using large brush strokes, but I’m still a very detailed painter,” she said. “I’m not impressionistic or abstract.” Although Wiebe is a retired learning leader with the Calgary Board of Education, she leads a busy lifestyle working on a contract basis for Alberta Education in assessment and field testing for Provincial Achievement Tests, so she fits in painting when she can. “I paint whenever I have a chance,” she said. “I always have about four paintings on the go. It depends on what my schedule allows.” Wiebe teaches art classes called Painting Your Way with the Sheep Creek Arts Council to help artists pursue their passion for the art of painting. “Participants continue to strengthen their art through knowledgeable decisions and planning while working on their own new projects,” she said. “Individual help is provided to complete an acrylic painting of personal choice. They bring their own photos and have fun learning with others. We have had beginning artists, as well as more advanced painters, come to class to interact with others and grow as an artist.” Painting has given Wiebe a different perspective on her surroundings. “As an artist, and I say this to the artists I work with, you tend to look at everything differently when you start to paint,” she said. “You see the shadows and the shapes and the clouds and the way the colour shifts in the forest. You see everything through different eyes when you begin to paint. Even driving in our beautiful Alberta country or along the prairies you see beauty in the skies and in the mountains and in the trees.” Wiebe’s collection of acrylics, watercolours and pastels in various techniques and styles has also been exhibited in art shows across Alberta, as well as collections in Europe and the United States. “My work has been in art shows in Calgary for a number of years – different art shows with other artists,” she said. “This is the first one that I’ve done completely on my own. I welcome any opportunity to promote my artwork.” The Sheep River Library is open Monday, Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Tuesday to Thursday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Learn more about Vivian Wiebe’s art at

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