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Art Works! paying tribute

Foothills artists are gathering in DeWinton to show off their talent this weekend while commemorating the loss of one of their own.
Edith VanderKloot
This weekend’s Art Works! is paying tribute to the late Edith VanderKloot, a Foothills multimedia artist and photographer.

Foothills artists are gathering in DeWinton to show off their talent this weekend while commemorating the loss of one of their own. Art Works!, a showing of art featuring more than a dozen artists at the DeWinton Community Hall each fall, lost event organizer, photographer and multimedia artist Edith VanderKloot, who died suddenly from a heart attack last winter. “A lot of us feel like there’s a hole here,” said Okotoks photographer Kim Berlie. “We’ve all stepped up to take a little bit of a load and keep the show going.” Art Works! will showcase various art mediums, including the work of VanderKloot in a memorial tribute. The show takes place Oct. 12 from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. and Oct. 13-14 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. “Edith was such a private person so we’re keeping it low key,” said Berlie. “She was always extremely quiet and humble. She was never one for a big splash and she always stood in the background while her art stood out.” Berlie met VanderKloot more than five years ago through the Professional Photographers of Canada. “She was always there to help people and really bring them into finding their own place with their art,” she said. “She stepped up to help organize Art Works! and keep it going. She really influenced a lot of people.” Berlie is a regular participant in the show, having exhibited her infrared photographs in her first year. This weekend she’s displaying her photographs of Highland cattle. “I love when people come through and they see them and their faces just light up,” she said. “It always starts the conversation with lots of laughs.” Berlie said she loves capturing their unique expressions and attitudes with her lens. “Quite often when you talk to them they kind of look at you and look like they actually know what you’re saying,” she said. “They push each other aside to figure out why you’re standing where you’re standing. They always end up with these great expressions.” Also exhibiting is DeWinton glassblower and oil painter Robyn Feluch. This show will be her third. “It’s not just about exposure, it brings people together as a community,” she said. “It’s a really great show for people who just want to come and look around. We’re always excited to answer questions to art collectors and fans.” Feluch said the paintings, sculptures, leather, glass, jewelry, fibre arts and photography on display at this weekend’s show will range from her $20 glass Christmas ornaments to paintings upwards of $5,000. “Not only are we creating the work we are also arranging the best experience for our viewers,” she said. “There’s something for everyone’s palette.” Joining the show again this year is oil and acrylic painter Ann Beswick. “Art shows, for me, really make a difference,” she said. “They get people together that wouldn’t normally see your work, so it definitely helps for people to come and see your work in an art show.” Beswick was persuaded by a friend years ago to participate in the show, which she said was a stretch. “I’m a little bit shy about doing things like that and promoting my work is not something I do very well,” she said. The DeWinton artist was pleasantly surprised. “It’s a really nice atmosphere in the DeWinton hall,” she said. “It’s a very friendly and cozy atmosphere and a little bit more intimate than the bigger shows. You get to know all kinds of people from all walks of life who like to see art.” Beswick has been drawing and painting since childhood, and is known for her acrylic landscapes and animals. In recent years, she’s been delving into pouring. “You mix different colours you want in your painting and pour the paint on the flat canvas and see what happens,” she said. “Usually it turns out quite beautiful.” Seeing the work of the other Foothills artists is among the highlights of participating in the show for Beswick. “I encourage people to come out and see the show and the different artists’ work,” she said. “It’s well worth the visit.” There is no cost to attend Art Works!

Tammy Rollie

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