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Letters to the Editor

Referees also have to show respect to players and coaches

Dear Editor, In response to Cole’s article on referee abuse, I too feel compelled to chime in on the issue. Firstly, I agree with everything Cole said in his article, however, I feel he missed a few points.

Climate change deniers skillfully fuel doubt

Dear Editor Stephen Harper continues to show no interest in dealing with climate change as he goes through five environment ministers in five years. The latest one takes the position we need only to change the image of the tar sands.

New Year's Eve in Turner Valley a night to remember

Dear Editor, New Year's Eve in Turner Valley was very special and full of light. All kinds of light.

Canadian military horribly underfunded

Dear Editor, I believe Mr. Holmes should stop for a minute and consider the following points with regards to spending money on the military. I spent 29 years in the Canadian Army, many of those years while Mr.

Election was in the past time to look forward

Dear Editor, Regarding your opinion on the potential Town/MD partnership for a field house: Oh John, we are so sorry you are still upset that the candidates you were pushing on us during the last election campaign lost.

Resident's claims simply driving up taxes

Dear Editor, Regarding the Dec. 29, 2010 article: “No quick fix for sour gas smell.” I am writing to complain about the amount of newspaper space that the Western Wheel gives to the views of Roxanne Walsh on our local oil and gas industry.

Acoustic Christmas concert was impressive

Dear Editor, Kudos and then some to the entertainers and sponsors of the Acoustic Christmas food bank benefit concert. I've seen many similar shows across our fair country and this was certainly one of the best.

Mike Holmes' popularity not enough to prove water

Dear Editor, One of the age-old problems of urban planning is how much developers should be charged in levies prior to the start of a development.

Foothills cannot be forced to join partnership

Dear Editor, Re: Province wants MD back in partnership – Western Wheel Dec. 8 There are interesting dynamics in the Provincial initiative aimed at coaxing Foothills back into the Calgary Regional Partnership (CRP).

Government blowing smoke

Dear Editor, CBC reports "our" government secretly dropped warning labels on cigarette packages after tobacco company lobbyists (mostly Conservatives) waged a lobbying campaign by three tobacco companies, Imperial Tobacco Canada, JTI-Macdonald Corp.