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Letters to the Editor

Censoring books is not the right lesson to teach

Dear Editor, Here we go again; somebody believes a change is necessary because it doesn’t “fit” into today’s world. I’m talking about the article “Library resisting the forces of censorship” Western Wheel Feb.

Cimarron Blvd cannot handle increased traffic

Dear Editor, We have lived on Cimarron Blvd for four years and have never had traffic issues, that is, until Costco opened. As much as I enjoy Costco myself, I can only imagine what traffic will be like once the other new stores open.

Preventative health care key to reducing wait times

Dear Editor, As Alberta faces emergency-room backloads, I have to wonder if we aren’t missing the point. I have worked in emergency rooms and throughout Alberta’s hospitals for the last two years as a resident physician.

Tribute to former mayor a huge success

Dear Editor, The party on Saturday night was over the moon. We had a fabulous time as did everyone at our table. A great opportunity to see old friends and meet new people.

Calgary Regional Partnership jeopardizes Okotoks' sustainability

Dear Editor, Truper McBride, the chair of the Calgary Regional Partnership (CRP) is quoted in the Rocky View Weekly this week as saying that for members of the partnership, “residential development densities of between eight and 10 units per acre are

Alberta needs a change in government

Dear Editor, The latest announcement to hit the airwaves was the announcement by Ted Morton, Minister of Finance, that he is resigning to seek the PC leadership. As a leopard never changes its spots why would Mr.

Carbon capture project poses unacceptable risk

Dear Editor, Dr. Don Lawton of the University of Calgary made a presentation to the MD of Foothills council on the carbon capture and storage project to be located near Priddis.

Food bank still needs support

Dear Editor, On behalf of the Acoustic Christmas Concert for the Okotoks Food Bank held Dec. 16 and 17 at St. Peter’s Anglican Church, we would like to thank all the sponsors, performers, volunteers and those who attended.

Carbon capture is a waste of time and money

Dear Editor, A hot topic currently being bantered around in Alberta is carbon capture. The Stelmach government has announced that they are proceeding with again a totally unproven operation.

Carbon storage proposal could pose risk to water

Dear Editor, For readers, and especially those living in the Priddis-Millarville area who may have missed recent media coverage, the University of Calgary is planning a Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) monitoring project on the Rothney-Cross Observat