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Letters to the Editor

Mike Holmes' popularity not enough to prove water

Dear Editor, One of the age-old problems of urban planning is how much developers should be charged in levies prior to the start of a development.

Foothills cannot be forced to join partnership

Dear Editor, Re: Province wants MD back in partnership – Western Wheel Dec. 8 There are interesting dynamics in the Provincial initiative aimed at coaxing Foothills back into the Calgary Regional Partnership (CRP).

Government blowing smoke

Dear Editor, CBC reports "our" government secretly dropped warning labels on cigarette packages after tobacco company lobbyists (mostly Conservatives) waged a lobbying campaign by three tobacco companies, Imperial Tobacco Canada, JTI-Macdonald Corp.

Neighbourhood thanks its snow angel

Dear Editor, Cimarron Way has a snow angel. Mr. Snow Angel is out every morning that it snows on Cimarron Way, to clear the sidewalks with his snow brush machine. If the wind happens to blow snow on the sidewalk, Mr.

Children learning bad lessons from jaywalking parents

Dear Editor, I am writing this letter as a concerned parent of two children who attend Ecole Percy Pegler. My concern is with the unsafe practice of lazy parents who continually jaywalk their children across Okotoks Drive to Percy Pegler School.

Link District name doesn' t make sense

Dear Editor, I read the articles praising the new innovation and I agree that it sounds wonderful. What I don’t understand is what Link District has to do with Okotoks.