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Front-line workers not the blame for economy

Dear Editor,      

I am mortified with the United Conservative Party’s lack of reverence for public servants. Nurses, teachers, social workers, hospital support staff, prison guards, conservation officers, toxicologists, restaurant inspectors, therapists, sheriffs, paramedics, mental health therapists, pharmacists are vital members of our society and should be valued above all else.

It was common knowledge that the oil boom wouldn’t last forever.

It is not the wages of front-line workers that created Alberta’s economic state. It is decades of mismanagement of money and absence of forward thinking that brought us where we are today. The UCP government has failed Albertans.

It is unconscionable to deflect the responsibility of making up for government over-spending onto frontline workers.

Frontline workers have faithfully and conscientiously served in spite of the conservative government’s consistent insufficient support.

It is dishonest and unjust, firstly, to target front line workers and, secondly, to suggest they are paid more than they are worth. It is unbelievable, frightening and backward that, in Alberta in 2019, a government would create fascist legislation that mandates a wage loss and forbids negotiation.

What the UCP is doing is not democratic! It is frightening, oppressive and dictatorial. They are targeting the loyal, hardworking pillars of our society and once they destroy those pillars they will destroy the society that Albertans have worked so hard to create.

They have stolen hope and trust and now money from the loyal, hardworking, conscientious, honest citizens who have served so many to make Alberta a better place.

Jo-Lynn McPhail