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Literacy: Sally Clarkson brings family's triumph to light
This biography takes readers through a family's journey to see beyond their son's diagnoses.

Book: Different: The Story of an Outside-the-Box Kid and the Mom Who Loved Him

Author: Sally Clarkson

Category: Biography

Recommended by: Kelly Fraser, Okotoks Public Library biography collection manager

Description: From his early childhood, Nathan was bursting with creativity and uncontainable energy, struggling not only with learning issues but also anxiety and OCD. He saw the world through his own unique lens―one that often caused him to be labelled as “bad,” “troubled” or someone in need of “fixing.”  Choosing to listen to her intuition rather than the loud voices of the world, Sally dared to believe that Nathan’s differences could be part of an intentional design from a loving Creator with a plan for his life. She trusted that the things that made him different were the very things that could make him great. You’ll find deep insight, resonance and encouragement in the pages of this book. Dare to love and nurture the “different” one in your life.

“When we read biographies, there is a sense of knowing others have complex lives and thoughts just like us, and we may even resonate with another’s circumstances that are very close to our own, such as depression, addiction, grief, a challenging marriage, a joyful triumph or loving a relative with Alzheimer's. We learn about other’s lives, their inner thoughts, solutions to problems, outlooks on life and we gain a sense of being in this human experience of struggles and joys together.” ~ Kelly Fraser