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New Year, New You!

Okotoks New Year, New You!

G3 Fitness
Personal Training

G3 Fitness

A motorcycle accident in 1984 led Gary Piper, G3 Fitness President, on the path of improving his health. By 1989 he earned a Bachelor’s degree in physical education and embarked on his new career. In 2011 he opened G3 Fitness as an alternative to the big box gym experience. He launched the brand in his basement but has expanded to commercial sites twice in eight years due to rapid growth.

“G3 Fitness provides outstanding results in fitness and fat loss,” says Piper. “We have something for everyone and accommodate clients from youth to seniors at every fitness level, and from every walk of life. We are all here to do the same thing: get healthy, get strong, and improve how we look and how we feel!”

A variety of classes, including Fit-CAMP HIIT and Fit-LINK, along with private and semi-private training sessions are available.

G3 Fitness provides an affordable way to improve wellbeing with programs that can be customized to decrease body fat and improve body shape. Additional benefits include improved physical and mental performance and decreased sick days.

“Don’t put it off any longer! Every week/month/year you wait it gets harder to make improvements, but it’s never too late,” encourages Piper. “Become part of our fitness family; you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!”

Learn more at online, and on Facebook, @g3_fitness_okotoks on Instagram and @pipesman99 on Twitter.
Cactus Club Salon & Spa
Salon & Spa

Cactus Club Salon & Spa

Hair. Heart. Body. Soul. This is not just a trendy tag, it has been the guiding principle behind Cactus Club Salon & Spa since its inception in 1991. Although it began as a Salon, the Spa was added in 1999 to complete the mind/body/wellness link.

“We are, at core, about people,” says owner, Mandy Patterson. “Clients sit in our chairs, lay on our massage beds and entrust us with their vulnerability. We listen, meet them wherever they are, help define their unique expression of beauty and smooth away pain and stress”.

With a talented team of Registered Massage Therapists offering Relaxation, Therapeutic, Pre-Natal and Couple’s Massage, as well as rejuvenating Wraps & Scrubs, the Spa really is a relief from pain, a sanctuary from stress and a path to increased mobility, better sleep and quality of life.

“My staff always tell me about the transformation they see from clients who arrive with the weight of the world held tight and painfully in their bodies, and the profound impact skilled human touch can make on their lives,” says Patterson.

When asked the key to Cactus Club’s enduring success, Patterson says it comes down to nurturing her staff’s enormous talent and passion through ongoing education and giving them the best possible tools and products from world-class Brand partners.

“Customers also like the fact we don’t accept tips, as we have always believed that we make a good working wage, and that client loyalty and referrals is more than enough,” says Patterson.

Learn more at , and @cactusclubsalonspa on Facebook and Instagram.
Full Circle Pilates
Pilates Studio

Full Circle Pilates

What EXACTLY is Pilates?

If I were to ask you the above question, there would be gazillions of responses.
First of all, there are VARIOUS Pilates techniques. There is NO “catch-all”. Secondly, NOT all Pilates techniques are created EQUAL.

As I am a Stott Pilates (TM) Rehab Specialist, let’s focus on that. Stott Pilates (TM) is the contemporary approach to the original works of Joseph Pilates. I work with a wide variety of clients - from serious issues to super-fit. My approach is very holistic: local, regional and global myofascia is targetted. WHY? …..NO muscle/joint should work in isolation. This is not how our bodies are designed to move bio-mechanically.

Pilates is as relevant now, as it was then - if not MORE SO. Stott Pilates (TM) has stood the test of time. It grows, changes, adapts, as new discoveries/treatments become available through medical science studies. Merrithew Health & Fitness (the “umbrella company” of Stott Pilates (TM) )continues to participate in these studies - most recently, with Sheffield University last March regarding scoliosis and osteoporosis. This DIRECTLY affects the way we, as trainers, work with clients.

There is NO SUCH THING as the “perfect body”. We ALL experience pain/dysfunction at some time.
Make Stott Pilates (TM) part of your lifestyle.

Contact me, Lyn Hope, B. A. Hons.
Call/text: 403.498.7430
Complete Health Chiropractic & Massage
Chiropractic | Massage

Complete Health Chiropractic & Massage

Looking to make progress on your lifestyle goals? Complete Health is here to help. This is where you’ll find a variety of services conveniently under one roof, including: Chiropractic, Massage, Acupuncture, Naturopathy, concussion baseline testing, fertility treatments, and services for pregnant/post-partum women. Each patient’s health and wellness are approached with genuine care and individualized treatments from our trained professionals.

“Our objective,” says Kendra Christensen, office manager, “is to bring health and collaborative care to families in Okotoks and the surrounding area. We want to help people in our community achieve their health goals while educating and inspiring our community on optimal health. We believe in wellness and work as a team to build lifelong relationships with our patients.”

Complete Health makes getting the care you need convenient, from their location on Southbank Boulevard, to their online store, to the ability to direct-bill most insurance companies.

To learn more about how Complete Health can help you feel your best and regain an active lifestyle, visit online, @completehealthcenter on Facebook, or @_CompleteHealth on Twitter.
Mountain Oak Dental

Mountain Oak Dental

Just two years into providing dental services in Okotoks, and Mountain Oak Dental has put smiles on hundreds of faces. Several of those patients praised Mountain Oak Dental with 5-star Google ratings. It’s easy to see why. It’s not just the services (that include hygiene, fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, implants, general dentistry, and much more), it’s also the comfortable and clean environment that focuses on the patient’s experience.

All services are provided by general dentist Dr. Eric Van Bergeyk, and he ensures that each patient, new or returning, is welcomed by their friendly staff, concerns are listened to and addressed, and an in-depth plan is created to achieve good oral health. Sedation is available along with all the current dental techniques and procedures.

Kaitlin Pillar, Office Manager, says, “We know it’s important to maintain good oral health. Our services for children, youth and adults focus on a customized, proactive, and preventative approach for each patient’s unique needs. Our approach puts the patient in control and gives them the information they need to make good choices about their health.”

Learn why Mountain Oak Dental is enjoying rave reviews by visiting online, or @mountainoakdental on Facebook and Instagram.
Epic Martial Arts
Martial Arts

Epic Martial Arts

In today’s world, more than ever, children need to develop a sense of their own physical and mental strength.

Whether through martial arts or another sport, being able to understand physical movement and their skills helps children create a confident presence. This is one key to establishing their place in the world.

Martial arts challenges kids to achieve and thereby creates an awareness of their own capabilities and an indelible link between effort and success. Through disciplined training children build physical and character strength and, most importantly, confidence. Ultimately, a confident child is less likely to be a victim of bullying, peer pressure or other challenges. Martial arts provides a platform for helping children achieve resilience, confidence and peace.

At EPIC we deliver a structured program focusing on training kids in the skills of taekwondo for self defence and fitness but also creating an environment where children feel success through regular belt progression.

Visit us and see what it’s all about!
105, 15 McRae Street,