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Escape to the Country Dog & Cat Kennels
Dog & Cat Boarding

Escape to the Country Dog & Cat Kennels

Escape to the Country Dog & Cat Kennels was established in 2011, is fully licenced and veterinarian recommended! It's easily accessible, being only 12 minutes West of Okotoks and 30 minutes SW of Calgary.

DOG BOARDING: Dogs need to be both mentally and physically stimulated. The dogs are exercised together so they can interact with each other but are matched appropriately. All socialization is supervised in the large fully fenced grass play area.

The kennel is quiet and stress-free. The dogs have their own kennel for resting/feeding and are let out multiple times a day. Family kennels are available.

CAT BOARDING: The spacious cattery offers five luxury suites and four chalets. They have a climbing tree, litter box and shelving at different heights. There are country views in a tranquil setting!

The cats get individual kennel rotations to roam and explore a further 500 sq ft with lazyboy chairs for cuddle time!

PET FOOD: Much cheaper than the pet stores and delivered for FREE to your door! If you don’t see the food you want, please ask!

“This is a true country retreat for your furry loved ones! We live onsite, and are always available to your pets!“
Big Rock Animal Clinic Ltd
Animal Clinic

Big Rock Animal Clinic Ltd

At Big Rock Animal Clinic, our veterinarians and staff are committed to providing your pet with professional and considerate health care.

The entire team of administrative staff, veterinary technologists, and veterinarians always keep in mind that pet health care requires patience and understanding, both for the animal and for their owners. Our staff is committed to strengthening the pet/family bond through preventive medicine and client education. And we appreciate being recognized 4 consecutive years in the Reader’s Choice Awards from the Western Wheel newspaper.

Lead by Dr Rick Dalrymple who has 20 years in veterinary practice, we focus on excellence of pet medicine, but also on education to help our humans know more about their pet’s overall health and wellness.

Overall, we at Big Rock Animal Clinic have a very knowledgeable team of veterinarians practicing at our clinic including Dr. Dain Lochridge with over 30 years in veterinary medicine, and the wonderful, skilled, and experienced small animal doctors Dr. Lise Tellier and Dr. Kirsten Aarbo.

We invite you to allow us to become your partner in providing care for your pet. If you have any questions about how we can help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Kimberly Cox
Equestrian Dressage Coach

Kimberly Cox

Kimberly has been professionally trained as a coach and awarded her Equestrian Canada Competition Coach Specialist designation in Dressage.

She is also an Equestrian Canada Dressage Judge which has enhanced her coaching to help clients work through their competitive tests and learn how to improve their scores. And as an accomplished competitor herself, she has participated in events sanctioned by Equestrian Canada and United States Dressage Federation and still competes and enjoys showing her horse, furthering her experience for coaching.

Kim’s competitive career started in the equitation and hunter rings and then moved into the jumpers as was commonplace. This progressive background as an equestrian has been helpful assisting jumper riders with dressage training.

Dressage is a specialized equestrian training which presents exercises to improve the horse’s balance and strength. Dressage teaches the rider how to ask the horse to move through the use of aids; seat, legs and hand and is based on ancient principles of training horses for war.

Now Dressage is trained as a sport to showcase the beauty of a horse’s movement and the rider’s accuracy in the application of the aids with the highest expression of Dressage being the harmony achieved between horse and rider.
AgriFarm Health Centre Inc
Large Animal Health

AgriFarm Health Centre Inc

Agrifarm Health Centre is located in beautiful Okotoks, Alberta and services a wide variety of clients in the Foothills County. Agrifarm is a large animal mobile veterinary practice. Through our team of veterinarians, veterinarian technicians and professional staff, we aim to offer the best of a wide variety of services for your Bovine, Equine, Llamas to name just a few of the animals for which we provide treatment and advice.

In our treatment, we approach each animal with compassion and aim to provide quality service using client communication and make education a priority.

We are also an authorized supplier of veterinary pharmaceuticals and animal health products. Our comprehensive line of products is supported with an impressive caliber of experienced people, ready to answer all of your questions. When needed, any prescription written by your current veterinarian can be filled at Agrifarm Health Centre. You may have your prescription emailed or faxed over to us at or 403-995-1712.

We can help our clients in other ways such as supplying vet-recommended pet foods for your canine and felines, so just call and ask 403-995-1409. We look forward to being of service to you!
The Lady and The Tramps
Expert Dog Groomer

The Lady and The Tramps

The Lady and The Tramps is Okotoks’ leading choice for dog grooming, owned by Shanea Pederson who has the Canine Stylist and several other certifications and courses completed. She has been in pet grooming in Alberta for 4 years.

Her education along with her sincere love for dogs & cats and true passion for working with animals makes Shanea a truly special and caring groomer. She works on one pet at a time to reduce kennel time and give your 4-legged friend her full attention. And with her in-depth knowledge, Shanea can offer different styles of grooming for your pet to keep them looking and feeling great.

Our Dog Grooming is always done by a professional Canine Stylist. Your dog will be bathed with a high-end shampoo, dried and fluffed with a high velocity dryer, ears will be cleaned, pads shaved out to prevent mats, nails clipped, hair trimmed to breed standard or owner standard. Your dog will then be finished off with bows, bandanas or bowties!

Shanea would love to meet you and your furry loved one. Note: The Salon relocating in Summer 2020, contact us on Facebook or at 403-988-9281.

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