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Colour and search for Easter Eggs in Okotoks front windows

Don't forget the Okotoks Western Wheel Easter Egg hunt competition to win a $100 gift certificate from Subway

The Easter bunny is going to combine some art with family togetherness this season.

The Okotoks Western Wheel is holding an Easter Egg Hunt colouring contest this week. Children are asked to colour the egg on page 18 of the April edition of the Okotoks Western Wheel and then hang one or more on the front windows of their homes. Then families walk, drive, bike or just meander on a community Easter egg hunt to count how many children-coloured Easter eggs they see in their neighbourhood.

Then email the children’s names and the total of eggs eyeballed to at the Okotoks Western Wheel. A name will be drawn at random and the recipient will receive a $100 gift card from Subway at 420 Big Rock Lane.

“It’s Easter — and right now because of the social distancing, kids don’t get the chance to get out, they don’t get to go out for dinner or maybe have an Easter Egg hunt,” said Okotoks Western Wheel publisher Shaun Jessome. “We will try to offer one this way."

It’s an effort to put some spring in the traditional holiday during these different and difficult times.

“Kids can go out with their families and they can drive or walk around while respecting social distancing,” Jessome said. "It will maybe make the neighbourhood look a little brighter.”

It doesn't matter if the child sees just one egg in a stroll in front of his or her house or if it is Dave Proctor seeing hundreds on a ridiculously long run, all that is needed to win the Subway gift prize is to have an entry — it is drawn by random.

Entries must be emailed to the Western Wheel by 5 p.m., April 15 and the winning entry will be announced on after the contest closes.