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Reconciliation can’t Happen Without Truth

I am Anna, a grade 9 student from Okotoks, and I have a hope and dream to raise awareness and support on behalf of ALL Residential School Survivors. I have created a GoFundMe page, and hope to raise $1000 by next September 30, 2021. Donations will be immediately given to the Legacy of Hope Foundation.

Orange Shirt Day means more to me than just a one day or one week event. Orange Shirt Day is something that people of all ages can participate in. Show your participation today and make a change by making a donation and wearing your orange shirt on September 30th.

I will continue with this cause, and letting my dream grow, passing on the message "Every Child Matters" including adults.

Please join me and make a change this year. Any donations, big or small is greatly appreciated. Any help I can get will make a difference in someone's life today.

You can make your donation at Anna’s GoFundMe link below:

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