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Okotoks and Foothills Lost and Found


Wallet lost

Hi Folks , I understand lost my wallet last Friday night around 6pm ,probably around the Sobeys parking lot , ot was seating on the tail bumper of my truck and I drove away so I'm not too sûre when

Missing Albums

Hi there, This is a complete and total long shot, but I thought I’d give it a try and maybe a miracle may happen. I’d say approximately 5 years ago (give or take) my in laws lived in Turner Valley.


Lost a set of keys near the health and wellness center over the weekend. May be on the sidewalk somewhere in cimarron. There is a jeep key on it as well as some house keys and 2 identical office

Lost a set of keys

Lost a set of keys with 2 Dodge keys and a mail key in Westridge area on the walking trails. Reward offered. Phone 780-919-2204

Garmin Vivo Watch

Lost Garmin Vivo watch hiking on High Noon Hills on Friday, Feb 25th If found contact at

Found GMC Fob/Key

Found GMC Key/Fob on Hwy 22 north of Turner Valley. Email with details of additional items on key ring.

Lost: Lanyard with keys

A yellow lanyard with 2 bike/bike lock keys was lost possibly around the river paved trails or park west of First Calgary Saturday Jan 29 Text 587-777-9670

Lost - Cochlear Implant Hearing Device

Lost white cochlear implant hearing device. Looks like a hearing aid. My daughter lost it possibly between Foothills Composite High School and Cimarron Way. If found, please call Mike at 403-471-9662.

Lost key ring

Key ring including fob and Wallace pendant. Misc keys also on ring. Milligan Drive area near curling rink. Reward offered. Call Dan at 403-601-9721