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Green thumbs win for best floral shop in Okotoks

Okotoks Flowers & Co. took gold for Best Floral Shop in the Best of the Foothills 2021.
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Okotoks Flowers & Co. operated by Jodie Berrington (left) and Jane Ervin was voted Best Floral Shop by Western Wheel and readers in the 2021 Best of the Foothills contest.

A pair of Okotokians are being recognized for their green thumbs and customer service.

Jane Ervin and Jodie Berrington, of Okotoks Flowers & Co., received gold for Best Floral Shop in the Best of the Foothills for 2021.

“It’s absolutely phenomenal,” said Ervin. “We must be doing something right.”

The store is an amalgamation of Okotoks Flowers & Things, which Ervin owned and operated until 2015, and Okotoks Country Florist, which Berrington owned until late 2019. The two shops were purchased and became Okotoks Flowers & Co. in January 2020.

Ervin said the merger was a great idea, bringing the two businesses together to provide high quality products and arrangements.

“We were across the street from each other for 21 years, and then all of a sudden we’re on the same counter,” she said. “We always kind of worked together, but now we’re working side-by-side.”

She said they’ve been honoured to serve the Okotoks community for so long, and attributes their success and popularity to quality customer service.

“We have the best team here,” said Ervin. “We offer phenomenal customer service, and we do a good job.”

Having lived in Okotoks for 37 years and working as a florist in town for more than 25 years, she said part of the joy is in knowing people who have been around for decades and also getting to know newcomers.

Many people stop in to browse or place orders in-person and she said it’s nice to chat and begin forming relationships with customers.

The social aspect of the job, serving people of the community, is her favourite part of working in a flower shop. Enjoying the creative nature of floral displays comes a close second.

“We are very passionate at our job,” said Ervin. “And it’s a wonderful job, a wonderful business to be in.

“Who wouldn’t like flowers? Flowers say it all. Flowers change anybody’s mood.

“We’re lucky.”

Krista Conrad

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