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Meet The Candidate:
Gord Lang, Okotoks Council Candidate

Gord Lang, who has lived in Okotoks since 1993, works in project management for his family owned business, family man, and someone who cares passionately about the future of the region, as indicated by the top items on his platform.
Gord Lang - candidate Main
Gord Land - 2021 Okotoks Council Candidate

“I am seeking to attract new business to town, while also supporting the businesses that have been operating in Okotoks for many years,” says Lang. “I am a big supporter of shop local. I also believe that council should be more transparent, accessible, and approachable. Another important item on my platform is our senior population. We must all listen and react to seniors’ needs. They have concerns that must be addressed.”

His vision for the town includes an important aspect facing many others in the province. “As we are seeing in the federal election, affordable housing is an issue. It’s very hard for people to get into their first home. I know when my daughters are ready to purchase a house, it’s going to tough for them. I want to expand on what council has already started in this regard.

Lang sees Okotoks as a small town with the amenities of a large city, which gives it a unique allure. “You can walk down the street or into any grocery store and see friendly people that are willing to talk to you. It’s so nice to have that type of feel in the community,” he says. This is important to him since he is an approachable, outgoing man – attributes he hopes to leverage if elected so residents feel comfortable in approaching him with their input for the town.

You can meet Lang and learn more about his platform when he hosts a pancake breakfast on September 18, from 9 am to noon at Good Time Party Rentals (105, 231 Don Seaman Way).

Learn more by emailing Lang at and following him on Facebook. Gord Lang running for Okotoks Council.